Saddletowne Optometry


Saddletowne Optometry is our second Optometry Clinic deep in Northeast Calgary. A sister clinic which provides the same level of care as Bridgeland Crossings Optometry!


It serves eye care to many different communities in the Northeast. Most of them being from: Saddleridge, Savannah, Cityscape, Redstone, Skyview, Taradale, Martindale, Coral Springs, Castleridge and Falconridge! They are accepting new patients everyday and from anywhere in Calgary and the area.


It also provides easy access to Calgary Transit, with only one train ride to Bridgeland Crossings Optometry! 

With two Optometrists at the practice we aim to provide a more comfortable and knowledgable experience One Optometrist's is fluent in Punjabi. 

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