Medical Eye Exams

A Medical Eye Exam is not your typical Eye Exam. It is a problem oriented visit that the Optometrist specifically assessing for specific conditions or problems rather than checking the full health of the eye, This medical eye exam does not include a glasses prescription, but it is typically covered by Alberta Health Care. 

If you are experiencing any irritation, allergy, redness, swollen eye lids, pain, discharge, dryness or sudden vision changes you may come in for a medical eye exam. Other conditions include: Glaucoma, Diabetes, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Hypertensive, and Cataracts; which can call be monitored and treated by the Optometrist.


Most of these Eye Related Diseases show no obvious symptoms and can go unnoticed without a Full Comprehensive Eye Exam. If you have been suspected to have one of these conditions, the Optometrist may ask you to return for further evaluation, or in some cases, refer you to a specialist (Ophthalmologist) if more urgent or specialty care is required. 


​If you happen to experience sudden changes in your vision such as: light flashes, floaters, loss of vision, pain, black dots, pressure, allergies, swelling, redness, bumps, discharge etc. it is best to see your closest Optometrist ASAP. Otherwise, if it is an emergency we recommend calling 911 and being seen at the Rockyview Hospital Eye Clinic.