Amblyopia/Strabismus aka. Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, an eye condition commonly known as "Lazy Eye" or "Squint" occurs during the early stages of eye development (newborn - 6 years of age).

It appears when an eye is weaker than the other or when one eye has lost vision due to no correction with a prescription. Some examples can be if there is a big prescription difference between the two eyes causing two different sized images or can appear due to Strabismus.

[Click here for more info on Strabismus aka "Crossed Eyes"]

It is important to treat Amlyopia early due to the brain learning to ignore the weaker eye altogether. The connection between the weaker eye and the brain will slowly no longer be there. When left untreated it is difficult to do treatment later on. This can lead to permanent vision reduction in the affected eye(s).


Treatments include:

Vision Therapy


Contact Lenses

Eye Patching


This condition may show no symptoms. The child may still have reasonably good vision in the good eye which normally takes over all the visual activities. However, they may not notice the one eye is unable to see properly. One sign that can be prominent will be Strabismus "Crossed Eyes".

There may be difficulty reading, short attention spans, misdiagnosed as a behavioural condition, poor depth perception, or poor vision if both eyes are affected.

Types of Amblyopia

- Refractive Amblyopia - difference in prescription between both eyes that causes one eye to be at a disadvantage to the other (ie: high hyperopia in 1 eye)

- Meridional Amblyopia - high astigmatic corrections, can happen in both eyes, where both eyes are unable to focus accurately without a prescription and a clear image is never obtained on the retina.

- Strabismic amblyopia - amblyopia caused by a misalignment of the eyes, causing one eye to never truly be fixated and therefore left at a disadvantage to the other eye.


Note to Parents:

Be aware of the signs to prevent your child from having this condition. To rule out these conditions start booking your child in for a Children's Eye Exam starting at the age of 6 months old. Alberta Health Care covers Children's Eye Exam until they are 19 years old.

Book an Eye Exam Appointment Today and check to see if you are at risk!

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