Cataracts are a common ocular condition found in individuals over the age of 60. However, Cataracts can also be found in young children and occasionally in newborns.

This condition is a function of aging, and as we get older so does the lens in our eyes. This lens functions the same as the lens in a camera does. As we get older the lens in our eyes starts to form a cloudy like affect, which we start to see blurry vision.

It is inevitable that everyone is at risk for getting Cataracts as we get older. Although we can't stop it from happening, some of these risks can speed up the process. Some of the risks are:

> constant exposure to UV Light, with no protection.

> smoking

> eye trauma/injury

> certain medications.


Cataracts can be caught early and monitored with a Full Eye Exam. In certain cases there are some that are not so severe or in other cases would need to take immediate action.

In the early stages the Optometrist can monitor and prescribe a new Glasses Prescription that will improve your vision clarity. In other cases Cataracts don't progress or effect your vision to the point where surgery is required.

In severe cases, if Cataracts happen to effect your every day activities the Optometrist will then refer you to an Ophthalmologist who specializes in Cataract Surgical Removal. Both the Optometrist and Ophthalmologist can co-manage your condition to ensure that your eyes are in healthy condition.

Cataracts are common as our eyes age. As we all know we cannot stop aging, which means we can't stop our eyes from aging. Although there is no method to prevent/stop it from happening, there are ways to help slow the aging process and to protect your eyes.

Here are some tips to help protect your eyes:

> wearing 100% UV Ray blocking sunglasses

> include antioxidant rich foods in your diet


An Eye Exam once a year is essential to your vision health. It can catch multiple ocular diseases early before it is too late to do any procedures. Catching it early can prolong the disease and give you the best clarity vision you can possibly get. Without any treatment or left undetected can result in vision loss.

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