Children's Eye Exams

As children learn and develop new skills and abilities, 80% of this learning is done visually.

Optometrist's are able to start eye exams as young as 6 months olds! Alberta Health Care covers Full Comprehensive Children's Eye Exams annually up until their 19th Birthday!

6 Months - 2 Years Old

During the Eye Exam, Optometrist check to ensure the infant's eyes are:

1. Healthy

2. Eye muscle movement and alignment is developing well

3. Both ares are focusing together.

Some may notice that an infant's eyes may look crossed or out of line, although this is normal, an Eye Exam with the Optometrist will ensure that their eyes are developing properly.


2 Years - 5 Years Old

Toddlers and Preschoolers are checked for:

1. Vision Development is continuing to be normal

2. Depth Perception

3. Eye-Hand Coordination/Visualization Skills are developed at their age.

As they develop skills like drawing, coloring, shapes, sizes and numbers all these activities are integral to their visual development. At this age, more toddlers are experiencing digital eye strain due to long periods on electronics.

At 5 years old, if a child is in need of visual correction. the Alberta Association of Optometrists has an "Eye See Eye Learn" Program that provides the child's first pair of glasses free of charge! (Check out our Eye See Eye Learn Blog for more Details!)

5 Years Old - 18 Years Old

During the school years, a child's eye start to develop and can change rather quickly. An annual Full Children's Eye Exam can detect untreated vision problems as well as other medical conditions as well. As 80% of learning is done visually, an estimate of 60% of children experience difficulty reading and seeing the classroom board.

Some vision problems during this age can be symptoms and signs to dyslexia, ADHD and/or speech problems. Children may not realize they have vision problems as they may assume the way they see is how they are suppose to see. It is common for parents to believe that their kids are having vision problems, and an annual eye exam can provide parents and kids all the information needed to educate on how to take preventative measures and to help the children see a clear future.


Signs & Symptoms to Watch

- Red, Itchy, Watery Eyes

- Eyes are crossed or turned out

- Squinting, Rubbing or excessive blinking

- Covering/Closing one eye

- Sensitive to light

- Holding objects close to face

- Lack of Concentration

- Head tilting


Other Possible Child Vision Problems to Understand

- Digitial Eye Strain

- Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

- Myopia (Nearsighted)

- Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

- Hyperopia (Farsighted)


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