Digital Eye Strain

Have you experienced eye fatigue? Dry Eyes? Or just plain tired of looking at a digital device for a long period of time? Well you may be experiencing Digital Eye Strain.

Digital Eye Strain is caused by staring at a digital device for way too long. Your digital device; whether it be a computer desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, exposes your eyes to blue light. Blue Light exposure causes Digital Eye Strain.

As our lives start to rely on these digital devices more, we can't keep off of them. You maybe sitting at work at an office desktop computer, working on a school project for hours or even binge watching Netflix all day long! These devices have become of our daily lives and our world as technology has started to grow and grow!

But have you ever stopped to think about how these digital devices help our eyes? We stare at these devices for hours but don't realize they do nothing to help the healthiness of our eyes?

Some symptoms that you may not notice that are related to Digital Eye Strain are:

> headaches

> blurred vision

> eye irritation

> eye fatigue

> dry eyes

> stinging/burning sensation

> excessive blinking


If you have experienced any of these symptoms as your starring at a digital device, there are some ways to prevent and to treat your eyes.

Here are a few ways to prevent Digital Eye Strain:

> keeping the digital screen at least an arm's length away from your eyes

> have digital screen the same brightness as the light in the room.

> don't stare at a digital screen in a dark room; if you must, turn on night mode. This changes the color of the screen to reduce the amount of Blue Light being exposed.

> give your eyes a break; blink every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and focus on something 20 feet away.

> if you wear glasses, you may get a Blue Light Blocker that works as an Anti-Reflective Coating as well! (Anti-Reflective prevents seeing glare in the glasses as your wearing them)

An individual may not realize that these symptoms are related to Digital Eye Strain, which causes one to ignore it. Seeing an Optometrist will ensure that this condition is caught early and take the proper precautions to help the eyes feel relaxed and comfortable for your daily activities at work, school or on a personal day.

Don't wait, because ignoring Digital Eye Strain can lead to excessive dry eyes which can lead to scaring the tissues of your eyes and impairing your vision. Book an Eye Exam Appointment with us today and we can help treat and monitor and give you tips on how to care for your eyes at home!

If you would like more information about Digital Eye Strain visit the Canadian Association of Optometry Website >

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