Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes is a common condition found in 30% of Canadian adults.

Dry Eyes can occur from the normal again process, hormonal changes, environmental irritants, problems with normal blinking, medications, or from staring at your digital devices for a long period of time.

Why does someone get Dry Eyes?

Well it starts with every one having a thin layer of moisture that coats the surface of your eye. This coat of moisture is produced by the tears that your eyes naturally make, keeping the eye healthy and comfortable through out the day.

When your eyes lack to produce enough tears, which provides the proper chemical composition to moisten the surface of your eyes, it causes Dry Eyes.

Did you know?

Dry Eyes can be a symptom to other general medical health problems such as arthritis?

Here are some of the symptoms that you may experience if you have Dry Eyes:

> stinging/burning sensation

> gritty/scratchy

> fluctuating vision

> feels like there is something in your eye.

> unable to wear contact lenses


Although there is no cure to Dry Eyes, there is treatment to everyday comfort.

The first step is to visit your Optometrist. They will evaluate your Dry Eye condition and if necessary perform a treatment with specialized equipment. They may also suggest other options such as:

> artificial tears to lubricate the eye

> a warm compress eye mask

> prescribed eye drops

You may do these treatments from the comfort of your own home. However, it is important to follow the Optometrist's instructions to get the best results and comfort from Dry Eyes.

Other tips to help with Dry Eyes are:

> stay hydrated by drinking water

> change in diet to include: fish or flax seed oil.

Have more Questions? We have the Answers! Visit Bridgeland Crossings Optometry and book and Eye Exam Today about your Dry Eyes!

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