Floaters, Spots & Flashes

Do you experience floating grey strings in your vision? Or maybe they are transparent and look squiggly and every time you blink it moves where ever you look? How about sudden flashes of light or dark spots?

These small spots or floating things that appear in your vision are small particles within the gel of your eye that fall in the line of your sight. They may also appear with flashes of light.

Almost everyone will notice a few of these here and there and do become more noticeable as you grow older. It is normal to see notice these floaters as they are occasionally tiny flecks of protein trapped in the gel called the Vitreous Humor. However, new floaters are caused by old age deterioration of the gel, injuries or eye diseases.


Most floaters and spots won't effect your vision and rarely cause any problems. However, if you seem to experience that they are blocking your ability to see or have noticed them suddenly and the number of floaters have increases it can be a warning sign of a vision problem.

Floaters are detected through a Full Comprehensive Eye Exam along with an annual Dilation Exam by instilling drops in the eyes that prevent the pupils from closing. This allows the Optometrist to look inside the eye without the pupils contracting, giving them a wider view of the inside of the eye.

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