Glaucoma is a common ocular disease and is the second leading cause of vision loss in Canada. It can occur in anybody of any age. However, it is commonly seen in individuals 40 years and older.

Glaucoma is caused by built up pressure within the eyes which progressively inflicts damage to the Optic Nerve. The built up pressure happens because the eye is not able to properly drain the fluid that flows in and out of the walls of the eyes. When too much fluid stays within those walls, pressure builds up and presses against the Optic Nerve. The optic nerve is what transmits images to your brain and gives you eye sight.


Four Types of Glaucoma

1. Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma

> Most common type of glaucoma.

> Develops painlessly and gradually

> Develops NO warning signs

2. Angle-Closure Glaucoma

> May occur suddenly with symptoms such as:

- nausea

- blurry vision

- eye pain

3. Secondary Glaucoma

> Occurs when there is no conclusion as to why there is built up pressure in the eye

4. Normal Tension Glaucoma

> Damage may develop when eye pressure is normal.

An injury, infection or tumor in or around the eye can also cause the pressure to rise. if left untreated or undetected, it can result in permanent vision loss. Once vision is lost it can not be restored.


A Full Comprehensive Eye Exam is often the only way to detect this condition early to prevent vision loss. During an eye exam, an Eye Care Professional or Optometrist will perform a simple and painless test called "Tonometry." This test measures the pressure of the eyes internally.


Glaucoma can be treated several different ways. When caught early, Optometrists are able to monitor and prescribe eye drops to lower the tension, oral medications, laser surgery or drain implants. Annual Full Eye Exams are recommended to prevent any further vision loss.

It is highly recommended to be monitored and screened for Glaucoma by an Optometrist every year. The types of tests to monitor this condition include but not limited too: Full Comprehensive Eye Exam, Dilation Eye Exam, Visual Field Test, OCT Imaging.


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