This is a portable IR camera adapter for Android based phones or tablets. This can be used to take anterior segment IR images on any OTG compatible Android phone.


The device will capture IR images of any objects at a close fixed focal length while attached to a phone. It is a self contained infrared camera and light source that can be used for imaging subdermal gland structure.


Each unit will be built to order and can be made with Micro-USB and USB - C variants. The final form will be similar to the image but may change in colour or overall size.


Please email or use the contact form below for purchase enquiries or more details. Please confirm that your phone is OTG compatible, or request confirmation prior to ordering. 

IR Camera

  • $50 Shipping (Canada) via ICS. Payment by cheque or e-transfer will be accepted. 

  • This is for the hardware only, apps are readily available in the Play Store that are compatible with this device, instructions will be given on how to set up apps prior to use to get useable images from this device.


    This is compatible with any Android based phone with USB - On The Go (OTG) compatibility. Please provide details of the device you are trying to use so we can confirm compatibilility prior to purchase.