Eye Test
Comprehensive Eye Exams

Get a complete ocular health examination to determine how healthy your eyes are! We can provide eye exams to everyone of all ages!

Medical Eye Exams

Have a nagging dry eye problem? Sudden changes in your vision? Flashes, floaters, or other complaints not related to glasses? Contact us for diagnostic testing and treatment for a variety of conditions. These visits are covered by Alberta Health Care.

Contact Lens Solution
Contact Lenses

Contacts are a great second option and substitute to eyeglasses! Book a fitting appointment and you can take home some contacts to see if they are a great option for you! From simple to complex fittings, we have a large selection of contacts to fit a variety of patients.

Happy Girl with Glasses
Children's Eye Exam

Children are recommended to be seen at 6 months of age. It is important to assess for any developing problems with your children to ensure that they have the best outcome for their vision as they grow up. Children are covered by Alberta Health Care until they turn 19.

Happy Elderly Couple.
Senior's Eye Exam

Annual exams are recommended and covered by Alberta Health Care. We provide comprehensive testing to watch for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. 

Death Valley
Dry Eye Treatment

Are you always on a digital device? Are you experiencing eye fatigue or irritation? Burning? Itching? or Tearing?You may have Dry Eyes! We perform in house dry eye therapies and can provide you with alternative approaches to treating dryness and ocular surface diseases.

Laser Refractive Surgery

Tired of wearing glasses and/or contact lenses? We provide consultations for a variety of refractive surgery procedures! Book an appointment to see if you're an eligible candidate!

Ocular Diseases

Find out more details about ocular diseases. We can diagnose, manage, or offer specialist referrals for any spectrum of ocular disease. 

Dilation Fundus Eye Exam

Recommended by Optometrists to have done annually to rule out major and common ocular conditions!

Insurance Agent

Does your insurance company allow Direct Optical Billing? Let us found out for you!


Trendy brand names you recognize for a great style and for comfort! A great selection for everyone! Men, women and children! Lenses are cut in house to expedite your glasses in as little as 1 hour for most prescriptions.

OCT Imaging

Optical Coherence Tomography is a Retinal Scan and Photo of the back of your eye! Learn more the importance of an OCT!